Customer: MAEG S.p.A. Vazzola (TV) (July 2011-February 2012)

For 7 months we have flanked the MAEG constructions in Messina for the renovations and securing the bridge of the junction of Viale carousel of the motorway Messina-Palermo.

Our staff has been engaged for the movement of men and equipment, using the following machines:

  • Autogru Liebherr 120 ton.
  • Piattaforma autocarrata ItalJib 60-N

Operators engaged:

  • Mr. Autieri Armando
  • Mr. Marano Giovanni


Despite the bad weather conditions that have occurred during the work, our staff has come out for competence and availability.

The customer, who gave the maximum score to our internal questionnaire on quality, has appreciated the work of the company that has the permission to retrieve and standardise the timescale of the work all lifting operations personnel and equipment.

Our office Quality, Environment and Safety at Work has provided the documentation required law and has assured the quality management of the work location.

Throughout the whole duration of the rental, disputes regarding compliance with the safety conditions were not detected by the bodies responsible for monitoring.

There have been neither accidents at work nor emergency situations (despite the presence of strong cross winds).

We haven’t had environmental impact , direct or indirect, during the work and the waste and debris were stored and disposed of in accordance with the law.

The present report is annexed to the promotional documentation of Marano Group and also constitutes the evaluation of management in accordance with the quality system and environment.